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Small Business Solutions

Running a small business can be difficult. At Jeff Baker & Associates, we provide a variety of small business solutions to help make it easier to ensure the success of your business—regardless of the industry you’re in. Though we specialize in services for specific industries, we work with all kinds of businesses and business owners, so don’t hesitate to review our services below before contacting us for a free consultation.

Assistance with Entity Selection
If you are opening a new business or expanding an established business, you might not be sure of what type of business entity to go with. Jeff Baker & Associates, PS can provide you advice on what entity is best for your company and the tax laws related to each entity. Whether you become a sole partnership or a LLC, we can provide you the advice you need to plan your business’s financial future. Talk to any of our experienced advisors for financial help.
Pension and Profit Sharing Planning

To help employees in retirement, you might consider setting up a pension or profit sharing plan. A pension is a set amount of money that a person receives after retiring from or leaving accompany after a number of years. A profit sharing plan is where the employer contributes a certain amount of money to an employee’s retirement. See how you can plan and prepare for both with the financial experts at JBA. We can help explain the benefits of each and help set up a business solution where a pension or profit sharing plan is doable.

Cash Flow Planning

Make sure that you are prepared for financial emergencies with strategic cash flow planning. Provide a cushion for your company by predicting upcoming expenses against the intended profit. That way, if a financial crisis hits you mid-year, you have resources to make it through relatively unscathed. Turn to Jeff Baker & Associates, PS for financial help and advice on how to effectively plan for cash flow this next financial year. Make sure your company turns a profit with the help of our qualified financial advisors.

General Business Consulting

The financial aspects of any business can be tricky to figure out. That’s why having a professional financial accountant to help you know what to expect and how to plan smartly for your financial future is so important. Jeff Baker & Associates, PS offers general business consulting, whether you’re buying or selling a business or if you want to raise profit. Talk to any of our qualified financial advisors about our general business consulting services.

Financial projections are important for continued success in your business. A financial projection often has the previous years’ income reflected in balance sheets and income statements. The next part of the projection is a forecast of what a business’s financial future will be, typically for the next five years. This can include income statements, balance sheets, budget expectations, and other important documents. If you require assistance putting together a financial projection, our financial experts can help.
At JBA can assist you in setting up an itemized estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time that will be easy and comfortable for you to follow. We will walk you through how to add or subtract items from your budget as it incurs.
Industry Specific Services
We provide services specifically tailored to the following industries: dental practices, chiropractic offices, medical offices, construction, builders, real estate investors, general contractors, subcontractors, eye doctors, lenders, retail and wholesale business, trucking, and more!
Business Purchase and Sale Services
Proper structuring of the purchase or sale of a business is critical. Our experienced staff can guide you through the acquisition and deposition processes. We will help you address issues such as cash flow analysis and tax considerations.
State and City B&O Returns
We file State and City B&O returns on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis according to your company’s needs.
Quarterly Reporting
Labor & Industry (L&I) Filings
Employment Security Filings
QuickBooks Consulting
We have a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor who can assist you in your QuickBooks set up, training and reporting.
Business Financial Planning

Smart business financial planning will help maximize your profits and earnings. It requires looking at several factors, including the necessary actions for sales and profit, who will implement them, and the financial gauging of how much they will cost and how money will return as profit. If you’re a business that is doing financial planning for the first time, let the financial experts at JBA help. We can provide the tools that will help you understand what you need to increase profit, how much you’ll need to spend, and how much profit you can expect.

S-Corporation Elections

We at JBA can assist you in figuring out if you qualify for a Sub Chapter S under the United States federal income tax purposes. Filing a Subchapter S federal income tax return allows the company to not pay federal income taxes, instead the income/loss is divided among the shareholders and they must report the income/loss on their individual income tax returns.

Equipment Purchases and Sales
Equipment purchases and sales are a large expense that sometimes requires a little more information before an investment or a sale can occur. We here at Jeff Baker & Associates can assist you with this decision and see if it is the right one for you and your company.

What we can Do

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Help with Real Estate or Property Taxes

When you are buying or selling real estate, contact us for help. We will make the process easier, give us a call.

Help with Reporting & Accounting

Maximize your company’s profitability with intensive examination of your company’s financial statements and records.

Help with Tax Preparation & Planning

Prepare for your upcoming tax filing and increase your financial stability with our tax preparation and planning services.


With over 40 years of experience, we are confident that we can provide the tax and financial assistance that best fits your business or personal needs. We pride ourselves on being proactive and responsive to our clients’ inquiries and suggestions.

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