In addition to all of our financial planning, tax preparation, and small business solution services, we also provide a variety of other financial services. These include audits for state and federal revenue departments, litigation support, forensic accounting, and more. We’ll be there for you when you need us to provide financial guidance and expertise. So, take a look at our other services below, then contact us for your free consultation.

IRS Audits

If your business has been notified of an IRS audit, you can rely on the financial assistance of Jeff Baker & Associates, PS. We can help by working in your favor with the IRS, putting together tax return information, and finding out the best financial solution for your business. Rest assured that with our experience with working with the IRS and our knowledge of tax laws, your business can succeed.

Department of Revenue Audits

When selected for an audit by the Department of Revenue, you need proper representation. We have years of experience dealing with many taxing authorities. You can count on us to provide competent, comprehensive representation before state and federal agencies.

Labor and Industries Audits

If your company has been selected for an audit by the Department of Labor and Industries, we can help. An audit can happen for many reasons, including random selection. Our financial advisors at Jeff Baker & Associates, PS can help you understand how you can prepare for a Labor and Industries audit. We will work with the department in your behalf. Trust JBA to determine what should be audited and how to help your business through financially.

IRS Representation

When appearing for an IRS review, you need proper representation. We have years of experience dealing with many tax authorities. You can count on us to provide competent, comprehensive representation before various federal and state tax agencies.

Litigation Support

During litigation, it is vital to compile relevant information in an efficient manner to help calculate and document any economic loss or damages. Our competent staff at JBA can provide the litigation support you need using accounting and auditing techniques.

We can help you quantify any economic damages pursuant to existing or pending litigation

Personal Financial Planning

If you want to help your personal financial situation, we can provide you the tools to figure out budgets, expenses, income, and more. Personal finances are just as important as business finances, and if you want to financially succeed, it takes a smart, personalized approach. Our financial assistants at JBA are here to help you every step of the way.

Forensic Accounting

If you require investigative forensic accounting services, we can help. Forensic accounting services can include investigating financial records for litigation purposes, examining financial accounts for evidence of fraud, or seeing if transaction records add up. Take control of your finances with our comprehensive forensic skills.

Business Valuations

We can provide business valuations for your business, whether you’re a SP or an S Corporation. Our financial advisors have the knowledge and experience to complete a thorough examination and analysis into what your business is worth. Whether you have to have a business valued for tax, divorce, or medical reasons, our team at JBA has the ability to precisely estimate your company’s value.

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

If your business is potentially facing bankruptcy or foreclosure, Jeff Baker & Associates, PS can help. We have the financial expertise to look through a business’ financial records to see what financial resources might be available for help. We can serve as a mediator between creditors and your business to figure out an acceptable plan for both parties, which may include a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Take back your financial future with the bankruptcy and foreclosure services of Jeff Baker & Associates, PS.

Divorce Planning

If you are currently preparing for or going through a divorce, you need a strategic plan. Your plan can help to cover the divorce costs and ensure that potential financial obligations such as child support or alimony won’t supersede current or future income. The financial accountants at JBA can help you develop a sound financial strategy. With our understanding of state divorce laws and our expertise in varied financial situations, we can help you succeed financially, even after a costly marriage dissolution.

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I need help with tax preparation & planning.

Prepare for your upcoming tax filing and increase your financial stability with our tax preparation and planning services. Contact our office staff to help you develop the best tax strategies for your business or individual needs.

I need help with reporting and accounting.

Maximize your company's profitability with intensive examination of your company's financial statements and records.

I need a solution for my small business.

Ensure your success of your business with our accounting and tax services, including accounting system setup, business tax return preparation, business sales and acquisitions, and much more. We have listed a few of the industries that we have extensive experience with, but we are not limited to providing services to these types of businesses as we work closely with many types of business owners.

I need help with real estate or property taxes.

When you are buying or selling real estate, contact us for help. We will make the process easier by assisting you with your cash flow analysis, tax considerations, and much more. Click the icon above to find out more!

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